Shortwave Logs - log1.txt

These are what I wrote down during the hours of listening I have done. This may be updated.

To see all records I made, see recordings.

FrequencyDateHourDescription Additional Info
6950.02022/01/3000:51Possible pirate radio broadcast?No additional info.
3470.02022/01/3001:01French broadcast talking about covidNo additional info.
1910.02022/01/3001:44Voice broadcast in EnglishNo additional info.
21305.02022/01/3014:08Seems to be a message in military alphabet
LookupUT7HA Ukrainian Ham Radio Member
0.02022/01/3016:58Found FT8 signal, has been recorded.
LookupCT7AQH Portugese Composer
LookupOK1XGL Some Czech Ham Radio Member
3466.62022/01/3022:00Pirate Radio broadcast of some electronic music.No additional info.
7210.02022/01/3119:17Voice of North Korea jammed by religious child stories.No additional info.
10136.02022/01/3122:40FT8 Signal, recorded.
NoteDecoding awaiting
1636.22022/02/0309:30Weak signal of music. Presumably pirate radio.
3413.02022/02/0309:34Meteo report. Dunno where does that comes from.
NoteAfter some research, it is VOLMET, meteo report for aircrafts in flight.
4611.452022/02/0309:47Found strange signal.
NoteSample recorded, need to find the signal type to decode it.
NoteEnded at 09:49, need to watch on this freq.
6030.02022/02/0312:28Radio Mi Amigo. Pirate Radio.
NoteVery poor signal
21074.02022/02/0312:36FT8 strong signal on 15m amateur band.
NoteTODO: Decode conversations
24915.02022/02/0312:45FT8 weak signal. My first 11m reception!
NoteTODO: Decode conversations
14010.02022/02/0316:50PSK31 signal.No additional info.
14074.02022/02/0316:56FT8 signal.No additional info.
7143.02022/02/0422:36Ham Radio.
NoteIt is vocal. Needs to decode it :umarucry:
4625.02022/02/0422:46UVB-76 pirate jamming, faint signal.
1611.02022/02/0422:48Radio Augusta International.
NoteSignal ranging from bad to decent.
Update at 22:48Music playing. Sounds like some funk.
Update at 22:49Music changed after a transition. Needs identification. Still funk.
NoteI have been doing noise reducing adjustements.
Update at 22:53Some talking, both in French and English then back to music.
Update at 22:55talking while music is playing in French.
Update at 22:56Signal gets more faint and weak.
Update at 22:57Music again and signal gets a bit better.
Update at 23:00More music. Jazzy music.
Update at 23:01Talking
Update at 23:03More music
Update at 23:06Talking for a bit then went back to music.
3680.02022/02/0423:18Voice ham radio communication.
NoteNo recording. I was lazy and I already have stuff to decode.
1642.02022/02/0423:32Pirate radio for short period of time.
7058.02022/02/0515:46D-SSTV. No record.No additional info.
7000.02022/02/0515:47Radio etch-a-sketch
27380.02022/02/0516:09Someone speaking on CB Channel 38
NoteI wonder what would they think if they know they were recorded...
6950.02022/02/0517:43Pirate (?) Radio
Update at 17:43Music is playing, seems to be love music.
6923.02022/02/0517:45Music Radio
Update at 17;45Music playing.
6175.02022/02/0518:18Radio Andorre over CHINA INTERNATIONAL
NoteSignal is really strong!
Note - Seems to be an archive broadcast
Update at 18:25Talk about music artists.
Update at 18:25Music
Update at 18:27Radio break
Update at 18:28Music
Update at 18:32Talk
Update at 18:34Talks about Michel Berger
Update at 18:38Criticizes the first interpretation (?)
Update at 18:38Music of France Gall with a half of Michel Berger
Update at 18:42"Ca nous permet d'entendre des petites voix douces comme celle de France"
Update at 18:42"Elle chante parfaitement juste"
Update at 18:43Parle d'Etienne Chicot
Update at 18:43Musique - Etienne Chicot