Shortwave Logs - log2.txt

These are what I wrote down during the hours of listening I have done. This may be updated.

To see all records I made, see recordings.

FrequencyDateHourDescription Additional Info
7330.02022/02/0612:06Radio Joystick
14230.02022/02/0613:23SSTV Session
NoteVery weak signal
LookupSP2HNL Polish Ham
LookupSM3AFR Swedish Ham
LookupSP3INW Unknown, looks like a callsign from Poland
LookupSP6MPG Polish Ham
LookupPD2HYN Ham from Netherlands
10111.02022/02/0616:00CW signal
NoteStill learning how to use the software and how CW works.
NoteThis is why logs are vague.
LookupRN3DA Russian Ham
Update at 16:00RN3DA is CQing
Update at 16:0373 best regards
Update at 16:0573 Good Luck
Update at 16:05OP:IVAN
LookupLZ2PN Bulgarian Ham
Update at 16:08CQ from LZ2PN
LookupSQ9DXJ named Jerzy, Polish Ham
LookupIT9PQO named Tony, Age 58, Italian Ham
LookupF4IFP named Gilles, French Ham
LookupHA7BA Hungarian Ham
LookupUW5EFR Ukrainian Ham
NoteConversation between SQ9DXJ and IT9PQ0 happened
NoteFound Station info: PWR 50W, Yagi Antenna and fldigi
Note14069.24 "Emergency wire on Balcony"
Update at 16:31CQ from SQ9DXJ
Update at 16:32HB9BFM de IT9PQO, IT9PQO has a e-QSL thing at
LookupOH3CCX Finland
NoteThis one's from HF Underground (USA) SDR. I usually record in Europe.
NoteI stuffed everything I got from QSSTV in a folder.
LookupWA2EWO named Dave, American Ham
LookupW3VAC named Rick, American Ham
LookupR7VEY Russia
LookupKU3RRY Los Angeles (EM40), American Ham
LookupN4LGS American Ham
Update at 16:59WA2EWO de W3VAC
Update at 17:00New message from W3VAC, signal's very strong.
Update at 17:02WA2EWO 595 de W3VAC (595 = Reception was good)
Update at 17:07New message, Very glitchy result because Audacity is a PoS
Update at 17:09New message, CQ KU3RRY, very glitchy (decoding issue?)
Update at 17:10New message, 2 signals are interferring, poor signal.
Update at 17:11Voice is also interferring with the broadcast.
Update at 17:13New message, SSTV TEST, 2 signals interferring
Update at 17:15New message, Poor signal
Update at 17:16New message, Terrible signal with interferrence.
Update at 17:17New message, Decent signal but bad decoding
Update at 17:18New message, OK signal and OK decoding
Update at 17:20Interferring message finished
0.02022/02/0618:22Attempted getting Voice of Korea.
NoteThis is something I like to do because this station is quite hard to get.
Update at 18:27Managed to get it on a Japanese SDR at 7570kHz, playing music.
Update at 18:30Signal on 7580kHz (VOK Russian) is also decent!
7040.02022/02/0618:41RTTY listening session
LookupIK4JQS Italian Ham
LookupPD2PKM named Paul, Holland Ham
LookupDM1SG named Stefanie, German Ham (first woman ham I have found :o)
LookupF1IWH French Ham
LookupPD0WVB named Hans, Holland Ham
Update at 18:42CQ from PD2PKM
Update at 18:42Test from DM1SG and CQ
Update at 18:43CQ PD2PKM
Update at 18:44CQ from F1IWH
Update at 18:45CQ from PD0WVB
6955.02022/02/0623:00Radio Free Whatever
NoteHad to listen from a United States SDR
NoteI am really enjoying this station rn
Update at 23:02Radio Free Whatever said then rock music played.
Update at 23:05Talk, mentions Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Indie Rock, then music plays.
Update at 23:09Talk then rock music again.
Update at 23:16Talk, really funny lol
Update at 23:17back to music
Update at 23:31More funny talk
Update at 23:32Talks about HF Underground
Update at 23:33Back to music
NoteOh my god this radio's so cool
Update at 23:53I am gonna stop giving updates from now
6927.02022/02/0700:06Pirate Radio
NoteOh they sound rude.
Update at CountryMusic playing after some dude said some rude shit.
7780.02022/02/0700:30Shortwave Radiogram
Update at 00:33Story in Ukrainian (FSK31)
Update at 00:39Earth Trojan thing (FSK64)
Update at 00:40Talks about a trojan asteroid being around on Earth. Althrough those are also a thing on mars, venus and other planets of the solar system.
NoteThere had attempts looking for them before around earth. It explains now how they did it.
Update at 00:45Pictures being sent
3985.02022/02/0715:48Attempted listening to Radio Belarus, got Rick Rolled.
Update at 15:48Rick Roll
Update at 15:51Another music
3466.62022/02/0721:26Pirate Radio
Update at 21:26Somewhere Under The Rainbow
Update at 21:33"On aimerait continuer la diffusion mais la propagation commence a descendre"
3470.02022/02/0721:34Pirate Talk Radio
NoteI really like this pirate station
1665.02022/02/0722:02Music Radio on Pirate freqs
Update at 22:04Seems to be rock 'n roll music
1675.02022/02/0722:54Music Radio on pirate freqs
Update at 22:54Hard Rock Music
Update at 22:55Stopped, waiting a bit to see if it will come back...
Update at 22:57Still nothing. Stopped listening
3440.02022/02/0822:30Music Radio
NoteSignal is shit.
3955.02022/02/0822:36KBS World Radio
6918.02022/02/0923:58Music Radio
Update at 23:58Music
Update at 00:01it stopped
4870.02022/02/1000:06Strange CW on Mystery Radio 21
NoteCW decoding failed.
4870.02022/02/1000:36Mystery Radio 21 Listening Session
NoteI like that one.
Update at 00:41"attention headquarter, this is mystery radio 21"
Update at 00:41MBF 38 MBP
Update at 00:41"Strange codes"
Update at 00:41"Code 4700, No Longer Invalid"
Update at 00:4160 CORONA
15770.02022/02/1014:00RNEI Broadcast
NoteAlso managed to get Daz's DRF signal!
NoteReally nice radio, check it out:
Update at 14:00Dance Music
Update at 14:07"This is R.N.E.I. 60/70 60/70"
Update at 14:10"7926, New artist from Denmark"
Update at 14:10Talking about the radio itself
Update at 14:12Back to music, Dance music
Update at 14:15"You are listening to RNEI"
Update at 14:19Song of the Month choosen by Karl from
Update at 14:22Song finished. Talking.
Update at
Update at 14:24Back to dance music
Update at 14:29Mamma Metal
Update at 14:31Escape of the Phoenix, Prog Metal
Update at 14:36Don't Walk In Circles (?) (tried to understand)
Update at 14:39Successful title from UK, 2019 Love is All you Love
Update at 14:40"Stay safe and well"
Update at 14:40This song slaps
Update at 14:43Stephen presenting songs from Sofia Jannok
Update at 14:44Sofia Jannok music
Update at 14:48Music from 2010
6655.02022/02/1117:52Talk Pirate Radio (?)
6665.02022/02/1118:03SSTV Listening Session
NoteFirst time I get such a strong signal
4625.02022/02/1118:17SSTV signal on UVB-76
NoteNo record, fuck you QSSTV.
4625.02022/02/1118:27Recording audio
6665.02022/02/1119:00Back on Pirate SSTVNo additional info.
6925.02022/02/1122:34WTF Radio Worldwide
NoteSignal's good!
NoteMight come back on 4510 - 5060kHz
Update at 22:34seems to be 80s New Wave or smth like that
Update at 22:36some talk then back to music
Update at 22:44Talk then back to music
Update at 22:48Talk then back to music
Update at 22:50So far signal's SINPO 4
Update at 22:56"From East Coast America this is WTF Radio Worldwide"
Update at 23:07"Out of Control WTF Radio Worldwide"
Update at 23:09Done Listening
6940.02022/02/1113:27Radio Nova
NoteHard Rock Radio
Update at 13:28SINPO 25222, lots of fade in and out, signal's pretty bad
Update at 13:29!?
Update at 13:30Talk, inaudible due to low signal.
Update at 13:32SINPO 15112, worse than before
Update at 13:34weird signal covered many kHz of bandwidth back again
Update at 13:34Music changed
Update at 13:35SINPO 15112
Update at 13:37Talk
Update at 13:38Stopped listening
15770.02022/02/1214:30Shortwave Radiogram
Note1:41 MSFK32
Note2:47 MFSK32
Note7:19 MFSK64
Note12:00 MFSK64
Note28:10 MFSK32
NoteSINPO 55555
Update at 14:30Program begin
Update at 14:42Signal's getting worse SINPO 45445
Update at 14:43YES TO RADIO TO TRUST, Really nice picture!
Update at 14:45Flag of Sami People
Update at 14:45Some fades in and out
Update at 14:47Polar bear :o, it is beautiful.
Update at 14:49Meh, didn't liked as much as the previous pictures. (Kaleidoscope)
Update at 14:51I like that one! (Olympics)
Update at 14:53Wow this pic's awesome too! (Lantern)
Update at 14:54This city picture is probably my favourite overall
Update at 14:56That picture looks good too!
Update at 14:58Ending MFSK32 Broadcast
Update at 15:00End of transmission
6070.02022/02/1222:30Channel 292 (?)
NotePretty sure it was a talk radio at this moment....
NoteSignal was shit but now there is something decent.
NoteThere is french music being played at this time of the broadcast.
NoteIt's actually Radio Capital from Brazil
3955.02022/02/1223:00Pop Shop Radio
NoteAnimated by DJ Tony
Update at 23:00"This is Pop Shop Radio"
Update at 23:02Changed SDR due to bad reception
Update at 23:02SIO 353
Update at 23:03"Pop Shop Radio Special Valentines" awww
Update at 23:03Johnny Mathis
Update at 23:06Talk
Update at 23:08Talk
Update at 23:09Another Love Song
Update at 23:11Talk
Update at 23:12Oh it's that song on those Panda ads lmao
Update at 23:12True Love Ways - Buddy Holly & The Picks
Update at 23:14Talk
Update at 23:15Another love song
Update at 23:20Talk
Update at 23:20Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You
Update at 23:23Another song
Update at 23:26Talk
Update at 23:26You Are Everything - The Stylistics
Update at 23:28Talk
Update at 23:29Talking about contacting and stuff
Update at 23:29Do You Realise??? - The Flaming Lips
Update at 23:32Talk
Update at 23:33The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill
Update at 23:36Talk
Update at 23:37When A Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge
Update at 23:39Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf
Update at 23:41It's Impossible - Perry Como
Update at 23:44Very Thought Of You - Billie Holiday
Update at 23:47Special Love Song
Update at 23:47What You Won't Do For Love - Bobby Caldwell
Update at 23:50And That Reminds Me - Della Reese
Update at 23:53Announced Radiogram :eyes:
Update at 23:53Theme For Young Lovers - Percy Faith & His Orchestra
Update at 23:59Ending Message
Update at 00:00End of Transmission
14230.02022/02/1318:17SSTV, EXTREMELY ACTIVE
NoteSo much interference between signals.
4625.02022/02/1520:25Music on UVB-76
6985.02022/02/1717:35The Vault
NoteSeems to be 80s music
NoteSIO 242
4724.02022/02/1722:56Strange Radio Station
NoteSounds like a number station
6070.02022/02/1911:02Jazz AM
NoteSIO 443
Update at 11:04My Funny Valentine - Tubby Hayes
Update at 11:10Star Eyes - Tubby Hayes
Update at 11:15Cherokee - Tubby Hayes
Update at 11:18Jumpin' at the Woodside - Count Basie
Update at 11:23In A Mellow Tone - Count Basie
Update at 11:27These Foolish Things - Claire Martin
Update at 11:33Karma - Alexa Tarantino
Update at 11:38In The Mood - Glenn Miller
Update at 11:42Begin The Beguine - The Andrews Sisters
Update at 11:45One O' Clock - Glenn Miller
Update at 11:48Lazy Afternoon - Veronica Mortensen
Update at 11:52The Way You Look Tonight (?)
15050.02022/02/1912:02Zenith Classic RockNo additional info.
15770.02022/02/1914:30Shortwave Radiogram
NoteSIO 455
3940.02022/02/2000:37UNID Music Radio
NoteSIO 354
Update at 00:37Slacker - Kino
Update at 00:40Watch Yourself - Viktor Coy
Update at 00:44We Want To Dance - Kino
Update at 00:48???
Update at 00:48Legend - Kino
6160.02022/02/2012:57Shortwave Radio
NoteSIO 333
Note1970s Rock radio
NotePirate radio over other frequencies??
NoteThere was also PYONYANG BS (well tbh no one cares about that one)
Notebut also Radio Boa Ventade and WCBQ cult radio
Update at 12:57Running With The Devil - Van Halen
Update at 13:00Funk #48 - James Gang
Update at 13:03Fun Fact about James Gang
Update at 13:04Industrial Disease - Dire Straits
Update at 13:09Can't Get Enough - Bad Company
Update at 13:13UNID
Update at 13:18I can see for miles - The Who
Update at 13:22Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
Update at 13:26Don't Believe A Word - Thin Lizzy
Update at 13:38-away-
Update at 13:55Stopped Recording
7570.02022/02/2121:04Voice of Korea
NoteSIO 232
Update at 21:04Music so far, boring.
Update at 21:09FINALLY some talk
Update at 21:13Oh for fucks sake music's back.
Update at 21:13I just noted the interference.....
Update at 21:13-i was gone, eating diner-
15770.02022/02/2121:57WRMI Radio Prague
14230.02022/02/2419:48SSTV listening session
NoteSchool starts over again... Not much time to listen :(
4216.02022/02/2422:08TAH Turk Radio
NoteBeeps 4 times then send TAH in morse code in loop.
NoteIt's a CW marker.
145.82022/02/2422:18RTTY Weather forecastNo additional info.
4625.02022/03/0119:10UVB-76 meme shit
NoteSINPO 23552
Update at 19:17rick roll
Update at 19:18trololo :trollface:
Update at 19:21gangnam style but it's hitler
Update at 19:23what does the fox says
Update at 19:26barbie world
Update at 19:28?
Update at 19:30Knight Rider or smth?
Update at 19:32Final countdown
5135.02022/03/0119:35Radio Charleston International
NoteSINPO 35253
3955.02022/03/0222:10KBS World Radio in French
NoteSINPO 55545
6660.02022/03/1017:35French Pirate Radio
NoteThe music playing in loop is a french meme
6665.02022/03/1017:396665 LSB SSTV
12015.02022/03/1018:00Voice of Korea
NoteDamn this random wire antenna is so much better than i expected.
11935.02022/03/1018:09Radio Vatican in French
6000.02022/03/1418:10NHK World Japan