Shortwave Logs - log3.pl330.txt

These are what I wrote down during the hours of listening I have done. This may be updated.

To see all records I made, see recordings.

FrequencyDateHourDescription Additional Info
15770.02022/03/1913:30WRMI - Shortwave Radiogram
6650.02022/03/1914:17French outbanders
NotePeople talking, could hear someone yell and complain in the bg...
NoteThat could be some record as I heard it before...
5140.02022/03/1914:30Charleston Radio International
NoteSINPO 35232
12015.02022/03/1916:24Voice of Korea
NoteSIO 454, quite impressive
NoteHowever their transmitter sucks, I can't understand what they say.
6000.02022/03/1917:00NHK World Radio
NoteSIO 444, great signal! I enjoyed listening to it!
NoteThe music's good!
Update at 18:18Have you ever seen the rain?- Curedance Cleanwater
Update at 18:20Get it On - Chase
Update at 18:24-- Gone doing chores --
Update at 18:45Don't Pull for Love - Hamilton & Joe Frank
Update at 18:47Another Day - Paul McCartney
Update at 18:52She's A Lady - Tom Jones
Update at 19:07Cloud Pilots - Network Music Ensemble
Update at 19:08[Japanese Title]
Update at 19:15Born Again - Mayumi Itsuma
Update at 19:22[Japanese Title]
Update at 19:42UNID
Update at 19:50Lemon - Tokiko Kato
6660.02022/03/2008:17French Outbanders
6070.02022/03/2008:22C292 - Super Clan Radio
NoteNice music radio. SINPO 45334
Update at 09:23All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow
Update at 09:27Howzat - Sherbet
Update at 09:32Don't Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston
Update at 09:34Under My Thumb - The Rolling Stones
Update at 09:38Spacer - Sheila & B. Devotia
Update at 09:41Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
Update at 09:44SINPO 35323
Update at 09:45Clouds Across The Moon - Rah Band
Update at 09:48A Real Mother For You - Johnny Watson
Update at 09:53Piece of the Rock - Mother's Finest
5140.02022/03/2009:00Charlestion Radio International
NoteSINPO 35223
Update at 10:05Cielito Lindo - Pedro Infante
6275.02022/03/2010:35UNID Pirate Radio
NoteSINPO 25212
NoteSignal's shit.
Update at 11:39Turn Out The Lights - Don Williams
Update at 11:41The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
8180.02022/03/2011:00Polish Number Station
NoteSignal's a bit faint.
15770.02022/03/2011:05WRMINo additional info.
7100.02022/03/2011:08Shitposting on ham bands in French
NoteI spotted some kind of jamming in there, people seems to be pissing off each other...
Update at 12:10Someone's insulting some Jean-Pierre. Later found out this is a recording played in loop.
Update at 12:11There is echoing of what's being transmitted on the freq
Update at 12:11The record of 12:10 being played again.
Update at 12:13It is at this moment I realised the 12:10 thing is repeated in loop.
Update at 12:14Found out the 12:10 looped record is someone ranting and insulting, he seems really angry he should chill out lol.
Update at 12:16Text-to-speech saying something like "[...] A bouffe des frites dans leurs [...]"
Update at 12:17Text-to-speech again, the same thing.
Note-- These guys really passed ham exams for this... --
Update at 12:18Oh there is music now among Text-to-Speech insults.
Update at 12:19The looping rant again
6070.02022/03/2014:31C292 - Koncles Radio
NoteSINPO 45534
Update at 15:31You Keep Running Away - Four Tops
Update at 15:34Paper Tiger - Sue Thompson
Update at 15:38Leaving On That Train - Keith & Tex
Update at 15:40Getting noisy...
Update at 15:41Judy in Disguise - John Fred & His Playboy Band
Update at 15:44Love Loves To Love Love - Lulu
Update at 15:46See See Rider - Lavern Baker
Update at 15:48The Cost Of Living - Downlivers Sect
Update at 15:51UNID
Update at 15:53He's A Rever - Beaky Dave Dee
Update at 15:56Baby Please Don't Go - Muddy Waters
20439.02022/03/2015:02RTTY Number StationNo additional info.
6650.02022/03/2015:05French OutbandersNo additional info.
12015.02022/03/2015:08Voice of Korea
NoteSINPO 54454
NoteAs usual, nothing interesting.
NoteNothing more than patriotic music praising their so awesome dictator.
6660.02022/03/2115:00French Outbanders shitposting
Update at 16:05"hannnnnnnnnnnnnnn" (I guess this guy tried to imitate the buzzer)
Update at 16:09Nice trance music
Update at 16:09There is a screaming guy I already heard before, probably a recording for shitpost purposes
Update at 16:10Multiple musics at the same time now lol
6070.02022/03/2115:12German Radio, probably C292
NoteReally good signal!
5140.02022/03/2115:20Charlestion Radio International
NoteI am impressed by the quality of the signal right now.
6955.02022/03/2115:43AM Pirate Radio
NoteMusic station, signal's really faint.
6665.02022/03/2216:00SSTV recording session
NoteRecorded from phone! first decode from my PL-330
5140.02022/03/2217:56Charlestion Radio International
NoteSIO 333
Update at 17:56Mexico Lindo Y Querido - Jorge Negrete
6955.02022/03/2218:00AM Pirate Radio
NoteSIO 222
NoteSignal's almost inaudible and is just enough to spot the station, it seems to be classical music but I am unsure.
NoteThere is too much noise and interference.
4625.02022/03/2218:16UVB-76 shitposting
Update at 18:16Tetris Theme, SIO 243
Update at 18:28Pac-Man Theme, SIO 243 too.
9950.02022/03/2218:23Chinese Firedrake Jammer
NoteI finally caught it! Quite faint though.
6285.02022/03/2218:28AM Pirate
NoteSIO 323
Update at 18:28De Vlieger - Andre Hazes
Update at 18:29[...] 3 4 3 2 [...] (???)
Update at 18:33UNID Music
Update at 18:35Someone talking, unintelligible.
Update at 18:35Oerend Hard - Normaal
6650.02022/03/2218:40OutbandersNo additional info.
Update at 20:11A jamming signal I already heard before, record of the jammer below.
NoteThis is a record of the same jammer I recorded before on my RTL-SDR.
3466.32022/03/2319:34Pirate Radio
NoteSIO 434
NoteEssentially rock n' roll music from Elvis Presley.
4625.02022/03/2517:56UVB-76 shitposting
Note"bababoe" meme in loop.
6070.02022/03/2518:00Channel 292
NoteSINPO 45423
6655.02022/03/2520:54Sounds like someone testing their TX
NoteSINPO 55555
NoteThere is uh... pop I guess?
NoteThis time I can hear the yelling dude properly, someone I already spotted before. Can't tell if it's actually someone talking or if it's something that has been said before that outbanders likes to play to do a funny.
NoteThey seem to be jamming each other.
NoteThey really be vibing ngl.
6280.02022/03/2521:03Outbanders in a foreign language
4625.02022/03/2621:21UVB-76 shitposting
Update at 21:21Bad Apple
Update at 21:25Tribulations - LCD Soundsystem
Update at 21:29Captain Pugwash - TV Themes
Update at 21:31Me And You And A Dog Called B... - Lobo
Update at 21:35Bring Me Edelweiss - Edelweiss
Update at 21:38Feels - Calvin Harris
Update at 21:49Ukrainian National Anthem
3466.32022/03/2621:43Probably someone testing their TX.
NoteLocal QRM D:
Update at 21:45Siffler sur la Colline - Joe Dassin
Update at 21:47J'ai Dix Ans - Alain Sorehon
5450.02022/03/2623:45They sound funny.
NoteTODO: Embed record.
5505.02022/03/2623:50St. Eval VOLMET
NoteSIO 555
5960.02022/03/2700:14The Mighty KBC.
NoteSIO 333, not awesome signal... But despite that I'm still vibing on it which is cool.
Update at 00:14Confession Of Love - Kaiser George & The Hi-Risers
Update at 00:16Another Love Affair - Adaro
Update at 00:19I'm in Love - Beatnix
3955.02022/03/2700:24The Screaming Staircase (scary)
NoteGarbage signal, reflecting perfectly its content.
6665.02022/03/2707:57Italian SSTV Pirate group
6075.02022/03/2708:07The Mighty KBC
NoteSIO 354
Update at 08:07Warehouse Cadillac - Rebel Son
Update at 08:10In The Mood - Ernie Field Orchestra
Update at 08:15Good Morning Mr. Rock n' Roll - Headband
6185.02022/03/2708:51Radio Classic Sunday (AM Pirate)
NoteSINPO 44434, really nice for a pirate radio!
Update at 8:51How Come, How Long - Babyface
6230.02022/03/2709:05STANAG 4481
7645.02022/03/2714:40RTTY Weather Forecast
NoteSIO 555
10100.02022/03/2714:58RTTY Weather Forecast
NoteSIO 555
4505.02022/03/2715:30E11 Number Station
NoteSIO 231
Note0033 [...] (?)
NoteHard to understand anything. Signal's too faint.
6665.02022/03/2715:38Italian Pirate SSTV
NoteTODO: Embed decodes.
NoteThere are a few, one I can hear really well (SIO 555) and two others one less good but still can understand what they say (SIO 354)
NoteAcording to one of them, one has faint signal due to their TX not using enough power (6W)
6290.02022/03/2716:04AM Pirate
NoteSIO 322
Update at 16:04Rainbow In The Sky - DJ Paul Elstack
Update at 16:07Reflections - Diana Ross
0.02022/03/2716:05E11 Number Station
Notesignal's faint but audible to understand.
Note237/35 237/35 237/35 ....
NoteProbably a null format.
14230.02022/03/2716:14Ham Radio SSTV
4625.02022/03/2720:52UVB-76 shitposting
NoteThey really do be vibing.
NoteSIO 333
7730.02022/04/1023:30Shortwave Radiogram
NoteSIO 333, signal was garbage and recording quality was garbage.